Tips to Make Employees Happy to Increase Workplace Productivity

Employees are the greatest assets of any business. If you want to grow, you will have to increase workplace productivity, and that happens when your employees are happy. It is crucial for them to stay motivated to work toward achieving business goals.

In order to improve productivity in the workplace, you ensure using the right equipment. You even try to track their each minute productivity with advanced software, and you do not even hesitate from taking out long term loans for bad credit in the UK to fund it.

However, just relying on trackers to analyse the productivity of your employees does not sound a good idea. Productivity should be calculated based on the output delivered by your employees, not based on the total time spent by them every day productive. After the outbreak of the pandemic, many companies have allowed their employees to work from home, and they are all doing it even now.

Of course, you cannot just be sure about the productivity of your employees simply tracking their every minute. You need to examine their contribution to the growth of your business carefully.

Tips to make employees happy to increase workplace productivity

In order to increase the productivity of your employees, you need to keep them happy and motivated. Here are some tips on how you can do it:

1. Prioritise work-life balance

Much as work-life balance is an overly used term, it plays a paramount role to make a happy workplace culture. Employees working in your organisation may be going through a lot of stress. They will probably be feeling burnout, or there could be some other issues that will likely be affecting their productivity in the workplace.

It is intrinsic to maintain a healthy work environment to make your employees happy. They will likely stay motivated and contribute the maximum effort to achieve the set goals. Unbearable pressure in the workplace can lead to mental stress, and it will naturally affect the productivity of your employees.

Factors that can be responsible for affecting productivity include longer working days, overtime hours, too much pressure, and chronic stress. Follow these tips:

  • Offer flexible working hours to your employees. You can offer them remote working days for some time, for instance.
  • Try to measure the productivity based on the progress they make, not based on the total time spent in the office.
  • Encourage your managers to involve with their teams, so they all take a break from their work.
  • Conduct regular reviews about the workload.

When your employees are able to balance their workload, they will likely be happy and motivated.

2. Listen to your employees

Although you may have several software solutions to track the progress and performance of your employees, they cannot exactly get into the depth. The software cannot do what you can do as a human being. It is very common for employees to feel burned out at one point.

Business expectations keep fluctuating, so it is obvious that employees will keep getting pressure every so often. Still, you need to determine the grievances your employees are facing at the same time.

They may have specific reasons for not being able to pay attention to their work. If so, your business will be lagged behind. In order to improve productivity, you will have to ensure that your employees are happy and satisfied.

You can know about it if you listen to your employees. You should call in on your employees to attend a quarterly meeting to discuss their problems. Open house sessions can allow your employees to put forth the reforms they want to see in the company.

You should listen to their grievances and see if you can make any changes that can actually boost their productivity. If your employees are not comfortable expressing it openly, you should keep a grievance box so employees can throw a small note into it without mentioning their names.

Though it is crucial to listen to your employees, you also need to make them understand your point of view. It may not be feasible for you to obey what they say. Make them understand why you have been following a particular trend when clashes occur.

3. Reward your employees

Recognition of your employees’ hard work is very important to keep them motivated. You often fail to recognise their work amid a busy schedule, but it can go a long way. Employees expect you to appreciate their work if you slag them off when they fail to deliver the desired output on time.

You should try to reward those employees who work great. If you have seen that they went the extra mile to achieve the target, you should not hesitate from giving some rewards.

You can include monetary and non-monetary benefits. You should ask your managers to monitor the performance of each employee constantly. Make sure that there is complete transparency in checking their performance and progress.

4. Create a productive atmosphere

It is essential to maintain a productive atmosphere to keep your employees productive throughout the day. Surroundings have a significant impact on the mood of your employees.

If the surroundings are dull and enclosed, they will likely feel suffocated and monotonous. This will automatically kill the productivity of your employees. Here is what you can do:

  • Try to keep green plants in your workplace.
  • Make sure that each room has windows that employees can open to let fresh air flow in
  • Have a pantry or cafeteria where employees can sit and have food.
  • You can also introduce healthy food options to your employees.

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The bottom line

If you want to increase the productivity of your employees, you will have to ensure that they are happy and motivated. The tips mentioned above can truly help you improve their productivity by keeping them happy.

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