Streamlined steps constituting working procedure

Welcome to Loansforever, your trusted lending partner in the UK. Here, the elaborate steps of the application have been condensed to offer you the utmost convenience. With us, it is not about putting together tonnes of information for borrowing purposes.

We believe in a logic-based application procedure where you must share the least. You deserve full assistance from our end, and we will not compromise on it. We know time is precious for you, and we will not disappoint you with unnecessary delays.

Loan application is going to be a stress-free exercise for you with us. Our process is so seamless, with zero complicated formalities. Since we conduct a few quick checks, our response time is fast, unlike that of other mainstream lenders.

We have given you the power to apply for loans by tapping a few buttons on your smartphone and laptop. Do not concern yourself to complete hectic steps just to avail of a loan facility. Our easy-to-navigate lending procedure lets you get funded within the least possible time.

Gain the upper hand with our competitive pricing and high acceptance rate features. You can get started with the application procedure right now without any hesitation.

Find a lowdown on the steps that can take your application forward.

Step 01. Hand-pick the loan amount

Selecting the ideal amount that should suffice your necessities is effortless. You must consider a few aspects when determining the most suitable loan amount.

  • Pre-prepare before applying

    Ahead of putting forward your application, examine your current financial situation. If you borrow when the loan price and repayments are not affordable, it will not take you anywhere. Borrowing is a two-way street where you must return the withdrawn amount with interest.

  • Pick the loan amount wisely

    We offer a suitable range within which our borrowers can select an amount fitting their financial capability. It has to be affordable so that repayment is a smooth experience for you.

  • Decide the loan term accordingly

    Apart from selecting the amount, also give your preference for the loan term, i.e. how long it should be. Check the magnitude of funds you can set apart from salary to pay monthly instalments. Know your monthly capacity to decide on a better repayment term.


Step 02. Round out an online application

Go ahead with your online loan request with us. Complete the application in less than 7 to 8 minutes at home. The form will require fewer details, and no primary documentation is necessary.

The various fields you have to cover are:

  • Start by choosing the loan type followed by the amount
  • Include your name, email id, phone number and postal address as personal details
  • Lastly, you must enter your date of birth correctly
  • Give your consent if you agree to our terms and conditions before applying

Be ready with scanned copies of your income document to show the proof of your 3-month income statements.


Step 03. Final decision

We have to conduct a soft review to ensure your current financial well-being. We would like to assess the likelihood of getting loan payments on time. Once we receive your application, we start performing the intermediate steps.

Meanwhile, one of our representatives might contact you if they find some irrelevant information or are confused regarding your application. All these should not take much time, and approval decisions should come within a few minutes.

We initiate the funds transfer process after successful approval. We will need your checking account details to provide you with direct access to funds.


After receiving loans, treat repayment as a priority without forgetting to repay either monthly, weekly or fortnightly.