Get affordable loans with no guarantor for 60 months

If you do not want to include a guarantor but need money urgently, affordable loans without a guarantor facility can help. Here, you get up to £10000 and repay in instalments for up to 60 months.

You will be the sole responsibility for making the timely repayments. If you do the same, you will significantly improve your credit score. You need to apply by sending us an online application for this with no documentation. It will take 5 minutes to fill up a single-page form and quick fund disbursal is possible.

You can grab your funds instantly without any hesitation. It fits you best if:

  • You have pending payments and other credit issues
  • Facing rejection by mainstream lenders
  • Cannot get a guarantor to qualify
  • Have a stable income source

If you find yourself stuck, wait no more. Get loans on bad credit and no guarantor, regardless of circumstances.

bad credit loans eligibility

What is a no-guarantor loan?

A no-guarantor loan is an offering that does not require a third-person/guarantor to qualify for a loan. These are short-term loans where one can get a small amount for a flexible repayment term. It is an unsecured loan ideal for emergency purposes.

These loans can be expensive, but you can manage the cost if you borrow an amount within your limit. Many advantages of applying for loans where no guarantor is needed are:

  • No paperwork required: You can get the loan without hefty documentation, as the whole process is online and runs with no legwork and paperwork.
  • Encrypted fund disbursal: Get funds with complete confidentiality within minutes of application. You do not need to include someone in financial details unwillingly.
  • Get money the same day: You get the amount required in 15-30 minutes after loan approval.
  • Unemployment benefits considered: Get loans with no guarantor on benefits for your short-term needs.

If you need clarification about whether you can borrow money for poor credit, use a loan eligibility calculator.

How do no guarantor loans differ from guarantor loans?

You must be familiar with the difference between guarantor and no-guarantor loans. It will help you borrow right for your circumstances and need. A decent credit score is critical to qualify for a no-guarantor loan. If not credit, you must host a handsome income.

Whereas in a guarantor loan, you can get a loan quickly by providing good credit and income of the guarantor, you may risk long-term bonds. Check below for more insight.

Guarantor loans No-guarantor loans
You may borrow at better interest rates even if you have bad credit The interest rates on these loans stay competitive for bad credit
Both the guarantor and borrower are responsible for loan repayments The borrower is solely responsible for the repayments
Non-repayment/default may impact the credit score of the guarantor too Non-repayment/default impacts borrower’s credit score
Require both guarantor and borrower to meet a specific criterion Only the borrower must meet income standard criteria.

What can you use a non guarantor loan for?

If you have been struggling to get financial assistance, you may have some needs that you cannot delay until the next moment. Both individuals and businesses may benefit from no-guarantor loans alike.

Here are how these loans may help you cater to different requirements:

What are the advantages of loans with no guarantor?

There are numerous benefits of taking out a loan without a guarantor from a direct lender in the UK marketplace, like LoansForever. Tap only if you cannot find a guarantor or do not want to involve anyone. You can tap quick loans, short-term loans, or bad credit loans for other small cash needs.

You can pick it if the below advantages are all you were looking for:

bad credit loans eligibility
  • No asset is needed

    These loans do not ask for collateral/assets to qualify. We provide you with the loan if you meet the basic criteria. You lose nothing. Be on top of your monthly payments, or else you risk your credit score.
  • A guarantor-free loan

    When you apply for a loan with a guarantor, you have to update and be on the same page regarding loan repayments and finance. Here, as you are solely responsible for your loan, you can plan repayment without intervention from the third person. If your finances fall, contact us.
  • Saves time

    You do not have to call continuously or wait for the person to consent to the loan. You can proceed and apply directly with us. We provide no-credit checks, i.e., soft search loan confirmation and funds.

What are some different types of no guarantor loans?

There are multiple loans that you may find useful under no-guarantor loans. Every person shares unique cash requirements and circumstances. We provide these loan facilities at easy terms and personalised loan quotes.

Here are some loans that you may check if you need a loan without a guarantor:

How to improve your chances of no-guarantor loan approval?

If you lack a guarantor and credit score, we can still help you. We ensure a progressive and upfront approach towards providing loans with no guarantor. Your credit profile may reveal some pending payments.

And for most purposes, you are not to blame thoroughly. We here evaluate the person’s eligibility by basing other parameters than simply declining the application from the credit score view.

If you meet those, you can easily qualify for affordable no guarantor loans for bad credit, Here are

A. Balanced debt-to-income ratio

You may have pending bills and debts if you have a low credit score. We provide instant loan approval on profiles revealing a good debt-to-income ratio. Clear the pending bills and loan payments. It will reduce your debt-to-income ratio and increase your chances of getting a quick and easy loan.

B. Name on the electoral roll

We seek additional proof to analyse the borrower’s reliability on the loan payments. You may get the no-guarantor loan if your name is on the electoral roll and you have static address proof.

C. Proof of good and long employment history

Individuals with stable employment and a long history can gain instant approval. Your income reveals your affordability for the loan. If you are a regular employee or self-employed, we consider every application. However, the amount you may qualify for depends on affordability and income.

What is the repayment structure for no guarantor loans?

Our primary focus is on making lending comfortable during critical financial times. As a part of it, our repayment method is relatively practical. Overall, you can make fortnightly, weekly and monthly payments. Decide any of them and start paying monthly instalments on time.

You must meet regular payments as per the repayment agreement. You can shift your payments from monthly to weekly anytime. If there is a change in your financial situation and you are unable to pay, consult our loan experts anytime. You may get an alternative repayment plan to suit your existing finances.

You can either choose a direct debit to make payments or pay manually. Generally, we provide a detailed view of the costs of a no-guarantor loan.

Check the terms, income, and liabilities carefully while borrowing loans without a guarantor for urgent needs from a direct lender like us. Borrowing more than what you can comfortably repay can impact your budget. Seek expert advice to choose an amount you can afford with other loan costs. Repaying the loan on time can improve the overall financial record.

Why partner with Loansforever for no guarantor loans?

We understand individuals desire a little flexibility and convenience while seeking no-guarantor loans. We provide the same. However, there are other reasons why first-time users convert into one our most loyal customers.


  • Can I avail of a no-guarantor loan from a direct lender?

    Yes, you can qualify for loans with no guarantor from a responsible direct lender if you meet minimal criteria. Borrowers with long and consistent employment history with income proof may get it. Borrow a lower amount than your disposable income. For example, if you earn £5000/month, you may get a loan of up to £3000 for your needs, but not more than £5000. Identify your needs before applying for any amount.

  • Can I get a loan with no credit check and no guarantor?

    No, you may not get a loan with no credit check. A credit check is critical from the borrower and lender’s perspective. It helps us analyse the borrower’s capacity to afford loan repayments. It helps gauge whether the loan is right for you or not.

    Instead, we conduct a soft credit check that leaves no footprint on your credit report. It implies that your credit score remains the same at the time of application. It is important if you apply with bad credit. You may get bad credit loans with no guarantor or hard credit check. Still, you should meet the affordability standards and meet regular loan payments afterwards.

  • What questions should you ask before applying for a no-guarantor loan?

    A no-guarantor loan requires one to have an overall view of finances. Given below are some queries which you should think about:

    • Can you make regular payments?
    • Are you aware of the terms in small letters?
    • Is the loan necessary?
    • For how long should you borrow the money?
  • What are the eligibility terms to qualify for the loan?

    We have one of the most flexible criteria and terms for individuals to qualify for a loan. You can qualify if you:

    • Are a UK Citizen (individuals up to 75 years can apply)
    • Are employed/self-employed with part-time/full-time income of £800/month (minimum)
    • limited credit delinquencies
    • Have a valid residential address, email id, and contact number
  • How to apply for a loan with no guarantor?

    If you meet the criteria, you can apply for loans without a guarantor in this way:

    • Use the eligibility checker to calculate costs
    • Fill in your details- name, email, contact number, and the amount needed
    • Provide an income proof
    • '
    • Get the sum transfer within 15 minutes.
  • Is getting a loan without a guarantor expensive?

    It entirely depends on your credit management. If you make payments timely over the loan, you can clear off the loan without any missed payment penalty or late fees. We prioritise the comfort of customers and hence allow them to split the payments into affordable halves. It eventually helps pay timely and reduces interest rates gradually. You can do so if you want to pre-pay the loan to save interest and other costs.

  • Can a no-guarantor loan improve credit rating?

    Yes, you can boost your credit score by:

    • Making timely repayments
    • Managing other loans in credit profile in a disciplined way
    • Seeking or increasing your income
    • Borrowing only an affordable amount
  • What if I fall back on repayments?

    Contact us if you believe you cannot make the next payment. We will reschedule your payments and provide you with a different loan schedule. It will help you manage payments easily. However, if you do not inform us, then it may impact your credit score.

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