Set yourself free financially with debt consolidation loans

Are you finding it tricky to juggle different types of debts? Do you want to bring all of them together in one place? In that case, debt consolidation loans are a matchless choice for you.

LoansForever can help you make your life debt-free. Get ready to simplify the debt payment process by using our loan offerings correctly. Bidding adieu to stressful debts means relief from:

  • Interest rates you owe
  • Monthly payment you afford
  • Number of debts you have

We have also made debt consolidation loans available in the UK for bad credit people. It is a representation of our flexible approach. Now, one can simultaneously contemplate controlling past unpaid dues and bad credit.

Do these loans sound like debt management? Despite the similarity in the name, both terminologies are widely separated.

Debt consolidation: It means you will take out a new loan to settle the previous pending loans.

Debt management: In this process, you must approach the existing loan provider for negotiation purposes.

What is a debt consolidation loan?

These loans let you club the existing debts to consolidate via a single payment. In simplest terms, you do not have to focus separately on different debts. Instead, you can pay attention to a single loan that will pay off all the debts simultaneously. You do not need to deal with multiple lenders, and you can manage repayment smoothly.

A debt consolidation loan is a convenient way to keep up with ongoing payments of overdrafts or any other loans. There is no need to bear the burden of multiple debts when a surefire solution is available. We do not just provide liberty to apply with whatever credit scores but with a couple of things also.

Loan amount

Borrow any amount from within £ 1000 to £ 5000 keeping your priorities in mind.

Repayment duration

You should be repaying loans within duration of 12 to 60 months, based on the amount you select.

Cost of borrowing

Interest rates will be competitive. It will depend on the amount you apply for.

These loans do not define the purpose for a limited group of borrowers. Although income is a critical element in the eligibility criteria, flexibility exists in the type of income you can present. Earnings from direct employment are not the only accepted source. You can be a self-employed, unemployed person, business owner, pensioner, student etc., to be eligible to access this funding.

Why are debt consolidation loans right for you?

Prevent the existing pile of debts from growing further by utilising a debt consolidation loan to the utmost. It supports the disbursement of any type of debt in a smooth manner. These loans are a relevant option for anyone finding it hard to deal with present debt problems.

We have provided complete flexibility when it comes to loan usage. There will be no pre-defined ways to spend the money. You will have the full authority to decide where to use these loans for best utilisation. Some of the famous reasons to get these loans are:

  • Recompense high-interest debts: It is not easy to handle debts with high interest. No need to keep track of individual debts. These loans are the best way to manage multiple debts simultaneously.
  • Clear off pending credit card dues: Stop your credit card outstanding from reaching an unbearable limit. Treat this problem from its roots by clearing credit card debts with the help of these loans.
  • Disburse money for overdraft payment: It does not matter if you do not have cash ready for the overdraft payment. You can still complete the payment by getting a suitable loan meant to cover this type of purpose.
  • Meet unpaid amounts on store cards: Try to not to keep too many numbers of store cards. They are easy to use and can attract debt. Disburse the pending amount by taking out money according to your requirements.
  • Manage medical expenses: Pending medical bills are enough to give you headaches. Settle all the outstanding payments concerning your medical payouts by taking the help of these loans without any second thought.
Why are debt consolidation loans right for you?

The most tried and tested way to ensure these loans are perfect for you are by reviewing the borrowing purpose. These loans can be an apt choice for you provided it is a genuine need.

Do debt consolidation loans offer alternatives?

Yes, you can explore alternatives simply by applying here if these loans do not serve your purposes. The type of requirement you have should be one of the determining factors. Besides, validating the priority is also crucial while finalising the type of loan.

After thorough research, we have put together a few alternatives for you.

Personal Loans

As an alternative, debt consolidation with personal loans is also possible. These loans have the capability to cover a wide variety of purposes. You can take advantage of the versatility of these loans to accomplish your purpose.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured debt consolidation loans do not require any support of security. This provision will perfectly suit anyone who is a tenant or non-homeowner. In addition, these loans solve the problem for someone who is unwilling to use assets for loans.

Long-Term Loans

We have another option for you. It will allow you to fetch secured debt consolidation loans by pledging security in favour of the loans. You can take out a significant loan to accomplish a bigger purpose.

Analyse the handling of debts with the right loan option. You cannot control your financial circumstances but can handle the consequences by choosing the right alternative instead of looking for the best debt consolidation loans in the UK.

How are debt consolidation loans with bad credit different?

For many of you, the facility to borrow despite bad credit is a unique feature. However, we are not restricted to this only. Yes, you can enjoy additional advantages by getting in touch with us.

Debt consolidation loans for bad credit in the UK let us make borrowing feasible for any borrower irrespective of credit scores. Our forte is to allow you to borrow under any circumstances. We have adjusted our features for your best interests.

  • Small-sized payments

    You can get bad credit consolidation loans in the UK with LoansForever. The main agenda here is to let you combine all the accruing interest rates to one. Therefore, you can stash away a lot of money by consolidating past debts into one loan.

    You will have to pay one form of interest. When you have to take care of one payment, you need not spend much money on interest rates.

  • Soft credit assessment

    We do not find any reason to validate your credit background further, as we are accepting bad scores too. Thus, the best debt consolidation loans in the UK are those without credit assessment requirements. We want to continue with soft checks.

    These are mandatory but not harmful to your credit history. It will unveil if you are in a condition to afford loan payments. Your current financial condition is vital in this case.

  • Expanded repayment

    Debt consolidation loans for poor credit facilitate you to spread debts quickly over an extended period. You are relieved from the strain of simultaneously presenting the total amount with interest. Instead, you must pay in small amounts over the given time.

    It is a huge respite for people struggling with low credit scores. They can quickly pay back on time despite having several commitments to handle.

  • Upgrade credit scores

    This loan provision has made repayment easy for you. Loan payments will be affordable to manage. When you repay loans on time, it reflects in the credit report as a positive attempt.

    Once you keep doing this with the help of these loans, it will have a good cumulative impact on your credit scores.

  • No guarantor worry

    Debt consolidation loans for bad credit in the UK with no guarantor facility has got everything for you in a single loan. This feature is an extension of our advantages. Once we have confirmation about your financial well-being, we feel content about your repaying capacity.

    Since the guarantor factor complicates the borrowing process, we have excluded it. No more, you will have to feel overwhelmed to ask for a favour like this.

What are the considerations for the consolidation of loans?

Since these loans have to do with the debt you have accumulated so far, you need to pay attention to certain things. These are mainly some of the risk factors. However, an unsecured debt consolidation loan that accepts bad credit offers fewer reasons to worry. You might find certain things very convenient, but they have repercussions that you cannot avoid in the long run. Only awareness can help you stay alert and rectify the present for a better future.

More interest due to longer duration: You can repay conveniently when the repayment term is long. Nevertheless, it results in more interest payments as you will have to keep paying interest for more months. The sum total will reflect a bigger amount.

Missing payments would be fatal: The repayment plan is quite feasible. Therefore, you must not postpone payments. It will cause further accumulation of late charges and penalties. In addition, it will blemish your credit profile.

Asset loss in some cases: If you prefer the secured loan option, late or non-payments will result in a loss of assets. You must take care of timely payment of loans to safeguard your assets. Otherwise, you will have to give up possession of assets forever.

How to obtain consolidation loans for bad credit?

We both can be a perfect match for us, especially when you need loans in a flash. Our fast processes will not stagger you with slow steps. No middle person is involved as we offer you direct loan assistance via the online mode. The intermediate steps are quite brief and do not take much time to complete.

We are the only ones responsible for processing your request. If you can apply with us, practise the following steps.


Retrieve the form

You need not have to work hard to get the form. It is easily available online on our website.


Enter your details

The form will need a few details from your end. You must carefully include information in it.


Submit the form

Prevent yourself from straightaway submitting the form. Review and correct errors if you find any.


Wait for our response

We acknowledge your urgency. Thus, we will process your request at the earliest.

Why using LoansForever is a better idea?

We agree that our features must be endearing, or we will fail to convince you. Instead of making multiple attempts to beat competitors, we attach some genuine and workable features with loan solutions. We keep our focus on constantly improving our services so that we can serve you in the best ways.

We never compromise with core lending ethics while adding up new functionalities. Do you like to know what they are? Find it out on your own.

Free quotes

Based on the application we receive from you, we will send a free loan proposal to give you an insight into loan rates.

Forever presence

This feature perfectly complements our name. Our online operations let us be present around the clock.

Responsible lending

We are honest in our lending practices. You will never see us disobeying any of the rules that our agreement mentions.

No surprise fees

Our clear communications let us open up about our pricing structure. We commit to never charge extra as surprise fees.


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