Direct lender loans are here only for you

Are you feeling the pinch of an urgent financial issue? Do you need outside support to come out of your financial mess? Are your savings losing the grip over planned and unplanned expenses? There is one solution to all such financial matters - direct lender loans.

Yes, we are saying this not because we are also a direct lender. This is an effective solution because you get assistance despite poor credit scores.

It is indeed a much-needed thing that most people in the UK wish to have during a financial mess. They do not want to face the grim consequences of their past credit mistakes. Instead, they want the loan approval on their current performance.

At LoansForever, we always vouch for fulfilling such aspirations of our loan applicants. We have proved several times why applying for bad credit loans from a direct lender only suits your financial health.

  • Convenient Procedure
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Credit Score Does Not Matter

What to consider as direct lender loans for bad credit?

Getting loans from direct lenders in the UK with bad credit differs from a particular product. It is the term used in the marketplace to differentiate the lending process between mainstream and direct lenders.

Traditional lenders may also provide loans to those with credit issues but do not change their lending norms. They follow a fixed procedure, which you must follow even if your credit score is low. On the other hand, direct lenders seem flexible in their approach.

We can be flexible with our lending norms according to individual circumstances. If you make timely payments, we do not have an issue assigning you a loan.

When having loans for bad credit from direct lenders only like us, worries like high-interest rates and lengthy procedures should not come into your mind. Our loan rates remain competitive in the UK marketplace, and we accept only online loan applications.

Any broker should not be involved in approaching a direct lender. It is why such loans are also called no-broker loans.

What advantages do I eligible for small loans from direct lenders?

When it comes to get small loans with bad credit, direct lender is the best bet. It has the upper hand over mainstream lenders in many aspects. Consider these aspects just like the advantages of getting financial assistance directly from a loan provider.

Here are a few exclusive benefits of small loans for a direct lender:-

  • Online Loan Application

    We are an online direct lender in the UK. You can sit online in the comfort of your home whenever you need a loan. Complete a single-page online form with mandatory details and submit it. There will be no share of your personal information with anyone without your consent.

  • Affordable Loans Only

    The soft approach of the direct lenders ensures affordable loan deals only. It signifies that one can get a loan according to their current monthly income and affordability on loan interest rates.

  • Flexible Repayments

    The flexible nature of direct lenders can be seen in their repayment terms. We let you decide your loan term so that you can quickly repay the borrowed sum without any miss during the tenure.

  • Everyone comes on Same Day

    Direct lenders are the ideal choice to get urgent funding access. Since the online application is there, completing the process only takes a little time. Our instant loan decision and same-day transfer of funds complement it.

  • Minimum Loan Obligations

    While approaching us for an easy loan application, you do not need to follow too many loan obligations. You are free from needing any guarantor and collateral to have your loan in your bank account.

Where to use loans from direct lenders for poor credit?

Direct lenders for poor credit people can be called as any purpose loans. We do not ask for your loan purpose while assigning a loan because you get an affordable amount only.

We are sure you are getting an amount to borrow as per your capacity and will use it for exemplary purposes. However, here are some of the best uses of direct lender loans for bad credit:-

  • Debt Consolidation:

    Whether you have large debts to clear or small ones, these loans are worthy options to choose from. You can bring all debts into one platform and manage only one interest rate.

  • Cash Flow during Unemployment:

    Like people with bad credit, direct lenders are flexible towards those with no full-time job. We can accept your loan application on part-time income or the benefits you are receiving.

  • Financial Urgencies:

    The best use of direct lender loans is during a financial emergency. Since you know that loans come on the same day, you can quickly calm down your situation within a few minutes.

  • Fill the Funding Gap:

    These loans are ideal for small purchases or needs but are also perfect for filling the funding gap while making a large purchase. For instance, you can use these loans to pay the down payment of mortgages or as the booking amount for a car.

Where to use loans from direct lenders for poor credit?

What are direct lender no credit check loans?

There is another term quite popular is no credit check direct lender loans. Yes, it is for this purpose too many individuals with bad credit scores want to approach direct lenders.

These are the loans where the loan provider considers a loan application on factors other than just the credit histories of the applicants. These are small but very rare loan products available in the UK.

It has been found that most people with past credit mistakes want to avail of the facility with no credit check. Still, it is easy to aspire to but difficult to get.

No lender has been allowed to offer a loan with no credit check. However, LoansForever will try to ensure no denial of your loan application through a soft credit check approach.

You can get approval on no credit check loans from a direct lender only in specific circumstances, such as:-

  • You have already applied for a loan from us, and we have your credit report and performance;
  • You are applying for a loan for the very first time in your life with having no credit history;
  • You are doing exceptionally well in your recent payments, and no debt is against your name

How to get guaranteed approval on direct lender loans?

You have to approach a direct lender for bad credit because the bank has already denied your loan application. It means you want to get guaranteed loan approval from direct lenders.

As the responsible loan provider, we cannot guarantee you a loan but can assure you of loan approval. You need to work on these aspects and strengthen your loan application to have direct lender loans for bad credit.

1. Ask for only an Affordable Amount

2. Keep your credit report ready

3. Clear all debts while applying

4. Earn some sort of income

5. Try to apply with a co-signer

6. Apply for a loan for the right purpose

Why Loansforever as your direct lender?

The right decision is to get the assistance of direct lenders in the UK for bad credit situations. And having your help of us brings many more things in your favour. We ensure everything for everyone.

We are a specialised loan provider for people with a less-than-perfect credit score. It includes people with poor credit scores and affordable loans for very bad credit from direct lender facilities. Those having CCJ can also seek our financial support.

We take care of your finances not a loan but also with fee-free guidance from our loan experts. Many such loan features that we bring exclusively for you. Some of them are:-

No Upfront Charges
No Early Repayment Fees
98.7% Approval Rate
No Documentation


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