Obtaining long-term loans with no guarantor is a possibility

Is the guarantor aspect stopping you from getting long-term loans? It is a rare feature of loans, as lending a substantial amount of loans is risky without any guarantee. However, getting long-term loans with no guarantor is possible with LoansForever.

We do not even mind going the extra mile to help you borrow with the baggage of poor credit scores. We tried keeping the lending rules minimal for you. Nevertheless, we do not want to make it an unrealistic opportunity with so many relaxations.

As a borrower, you will also have some responsibilities to cover. On the other hand, we can guarantee a few things:

  • No layovers in between the process
  • 100% guidance whenever needed
  • Soft checks to ascertain your affordability
  • Best usage of online platform
  • Practical lending norms

What are long-term loans without a guarantor?

As the name suggests, these loans will have an elaborate repayment schedule. Besides, it lets you borrow any amount up to £30000 without fulfilling the guarantor requirement. These loans can perfectly meet any significant cash exigency.

You can conclude payments of long-term loans without a guarantor in the most convenient way. It is because you will get duration between 36 and 84 months for repayment. Over the long term, you can easily portion out the loan debt in small instalments.

Wait! You can avail of this loan facility by satisfying a few very basic requirements of ours.

Pledge collateral without fail

When applying for a long-term financing option with us, placing an asset is a mandatory ritual. It helps balance the risk that bad credit and the absence of a guarantor can create.

Have a stable source of income

Any person with a part-time income has less scope with us. We will need you to earn at least £1000 as a full-time salary, or it will not be a stable income for us.

Who can apply for long-term loans without a guarantor?

Anyone living with the stigma of poor credit history can need loans. Borrowing might not help if they cannot get repayment flexibility and relief from a guarantor. Therefore, it defines the applicant of long-term loans with bad credit and no guarantor.

Nevertheless, you need to fulfil the typical eligibility criteria. LoansForever is ready to extend financial assistance to a person who has a long-term financial goal to achieve. Thus, you can apply for these loans if you have planned expenses falling under the:

  • Individual needs
  • Business necessities

How to use long-term loans with no guarantor and bad credit?

From usage perspective, long-term loans with no guarantor and bad credit can easily beat any other normal loan. Why? It is because you can rely on these loans to serve any purpose.

With us, you can take pleasure in the flexibility to use loans for whatever reasons. Do not exploit this opportunity by materialising unimportant personal desires! Rather, you must focus on maximising the utility of these loans in every possible way like:

Purchase a new car: Credit scores do not decide whether you should buy a new car right now. If you need one but cannot provide a guarantor, these loans should be your ultimate choice. You can take out a noteworthy amount of loan for this purpose.

Renovate home: This type of expense calls for an unprecedented amount of money. If dipping into savings is not doable, you can draw out the required money from these loans

Mortgage purpose: In this case, you can use these loans to collect the mortgage down payment amount. You will take out around 10 to 15% of the overall mortgage.

Get a new gadget: A situation might arise where your old phone gets damaged, and you need a new one. You can let these loans cover the overall cost of the new purchase. You can utilise the loan money to get any new gadget.

Upgrade scores: These loans require a significantly small amount of payments. It will not be difficult for you to extract a petty amount from the monthly budget. Once you start repaying on time, you can count it as a positive move towards improving credit.

Why get long-term bad credit loans with no guarantor?

We need some assurance to rule out your obligations. However, we promise to offer loans packed with a variety of benefits. We are ready to provide the required loan support by overlooking your bad credit tags.

Above all, we will not make it a strenuous process for you by involving a guarantor. Not just that only! You can reap manifold benefits from our services.

  • Exemption of surplus fees

    You can get long-term loans for bad credit with no guarantor but with no fee, too! Apart from interest rates and APR, no other fee element is part of our lending agreement. Brokerage charges do not make sense, as we will not need any brokers in this process.

  • Manageable pattern for repayment

    The repayment term is an expanded one, and it is evident from the name itself. You will not have to sacrifice your savings to pay back loans. The long duration allows you to repay a small loan for many months.

  • No hard assessment

    A rigorous credit assessment is not necessary for us. However, we will have to understand your affordability. Long-term loans with no credit check and no guarantor are a good opportunity for someone who is a first-time borrower.

    In short, we do not need to verify credit for people with no credit history. For bad credit borrowers, we will not conduct any hard checks if they borrowed from us earlier. Then, we will have prior knowledge about their credit scores.

  • Least documentation

    These loans come with a longer duration and need collateral. Thus, the least paperwork will be required. We will enquire about a few essential documents to take your application forward.

  • On-the-spot money transfer

    We will have one step following the previous one. Therefore, the process will not give you a staggering experience. We will quickly work on your application but rather process it as early as possible.

How do long-term loans for bad credit with no guarantor work?

Our working procedure is simple to understand. We make sure not to include complicated steps as we are operating online. You can reach out to the application with a few mouse clicks.

Add information

Once you click “Apply Now”, it will take you to the application form. Fill it out carefully.


Flip through the information you have added. It will help you spot any errors.


If everything is alright with the form, you must go ahead and submit it right away.

Acquire money

Allow us some time to go through your application. Receive money in your account on approval.

Why approach LoansForever?

We know the hardship you face while looking for long-term loans that demand no guarantor. Lending in this scenario is full of risks. However, we are ready to take the risk provided you assure us about a few things.

We do not want to limit our offerings to this much only. You can look forward to seeing diverse types of features like:

Complete safety

We will never compromise your information at any cost. Essential safety measures are in place to ensure about complete protection.


You will have a complete idea about our lending rules from the loan fine print. Furthermore, you will receive timely communications from us.

Any time assistance

Unlike traditional lenders, we will not be out of your reach. You can send us your query at any time and receive a reply as soon as possible.

Ease of access

Navigation is easy through our website. You can easily find details about these loans without doing too much legwork.


What to consider before getting long-term loans without a guarantor?

Do I need to wait for a long time to receive your decision?

Are you going to impose extra charges if I repay early?

Is a pre-approval facility available with these loans?

Should I worry anything about these loans?