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Discord is among the popular platform for gamers to connect with a broader community. It is growing strong, with hundreds of million users around the globe sharing information in different communities. And the success of this app is no longer limited to the gaming world because of the available features.

You can use the platform to interact with an audience being a brand or influencer. Internet is a place to create a presence, and you cannot miss out on the popular platforms for it. Here, we will go through the different aspects of the Discord app to help you make its best use.

Key Features of Discord

People have their misconception about Discord being another app to interact with a community like many other popular platforms. It is true, the basic purpose of social media apps is similar. However, the following features set Discord apart from most social media platforms out there.

1. Security

Users can simply delete a message on the server to leave no trail behind, even for the developers. However, the messages are not protected with end-to-end encryption, but the security algorithm is very strong. PhotoDNA checks each image sent through the platform for illegal or explicit users for a safe environment.

3. Video Conferencing

You can share the screen with the entire community through online streaming on the platform. The temporary increase because of the pandemic for video conference participants raised the number to 50. There is no assurance from the platform whether the maximum number of participants allowed will remain the same or change soon.

3. File Sharing

You should consider buying a cloud storage subscription if you want to share large files on Discord. The maximum filesize for the free version to share is only 8MB. At the same time, the increase for Nitro users allows them to send files with a maximum size of up to 100MB.

4. Bots

We have saved the coolest feature for the last, bots. You can develop bots for your server to complete specific tasks. The most common type of bots will send welcome messages to the users and explain the community guidelines where the advanced features depend on the ability of developers with the available resources.

How to Join Discord?

Discord is a platform very simple to use yet difficult to master. You can simply create an account with the help of your email account and join a few communities. The users must find the communities to join through their social circle, internet groups, or gaming buddies.

Or, you can create your server on the platform and send invitations to the interested participants. Unlike Reddit, users don’t need to remain active on the platform for a certain period to create a server. You will find the popular streamer use the discord invitation on their streams to build the community.

You should invest in a gaming system if the reason to avoid was the lack of companionship. Thousands of people use the platform to quickly match with serious players instead of the amateurs or hacks taking the fun out of it. For the cost, you should take out instalment loans for bad credit from a direct lender to get instant fund disbursement.

How to Use Discord?

Discord will act as an additional resource or community alongside some other thing. You can join a server while learning a foreign language or playing some popular games. Now, the use will depend on the primary purpose to sign up on the platform.

You can join private servers to interact with your friends or specific people. Many content creators take subscriptions to add people to their private servers. Or, you can join a public server to find some other gamers of your level to advance in the campaign.

The public server is great to share some jokes about the common interest. You can even make custom emotes to share laughter. Moreover, the mods have the power to ban the users not following the community guidelines.

Is It Just for Gamers?

As mentioned earlier, Discord was initially thought to be a platform ideal for gamers because of the available features. However, these features are helpful for gamers and a wide variety of other people as well. Students, professionals, brands, fans of some public figure or media can also join the server.

People familiar with Reddit understand the concept of a dedicated community with bots and mods. However, they don’t get the features like video conferencing or private streaming. You just need to search the interest with the Discord server next to it, and a long list of servers will come in the results.

How Much Money Does It Cost?

Discord will not cost money for the free users who just want to join a server with common minded people. However, you can use the Nitro account to add a few more premium features to your account. The cheaper premium tier of Nitro Classic comes with a changeable username tag, Nitro badge, and custom emotes beyond the home server, and better stream quality.

Moreover, it also gives the users some cool features such as turning GIFS into emojis or avatar pictures. The more expensive version will allow larger file size while sharing and even better streaming video quality. Thus, you should increase the loan amount to include the annual subscription cost if you consider financial assistance for gaming setup through a direct lender such as Loansforever.

Should I Use It for a Small Group?

Of course, Discord will remain a dedicated app for your friends with a common interest. You can easily find the players available to play and chat with them through the channel. Moreover, you don’t have to play the same game to remain connected with each other through voice chat.


To sum up, Discord will retain its popularity in the future because of its use for different purposes. You don’t need to be a gamer to use a server on this platform. All you need is a community of like-minded people open to sharing ideas and interacting with others.

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