Are You Struggling To Nod Off? What Should You Do?

A survey has suggested an inordinate number of people spend nights awake, and many of them are those who find it hard to nod off even after popping in sleeping pills. A lot of factors could be possible causes of insomnia, like stress, anxiety, painful medical condition, and your lifestyle.

A good night’s sleep is just as important as a balanced diet and exercise. Having spent the whole day juggling multiple tasks, your body gets exhausted – fatigue, muscle twitching, body ache, your body needs rest to recuperate.

You may not know what is going on inside your body, but your organs are constantly working to keep your body functional, and they get tired, resulting in inflammation. The repairing work keeps going on by your immune system, but you need proper rest for that. When you sleep, your body heals inflammation and damage inside your body.

Getting better sleep has become a dream for many of you. You may consult a doctor, but they will put you on medication, and it may not be a permanent solution. In fact, some people say that such medicines make them slower and more sluggish, that they find it hard to get through the whole day.

In a survey, people who reported that they were under constant stress were in droves, and surprisingly most of them named it financial stress. The rising cost of living and stagnant income are two important factors why people are getting financial stress. According to the same survey, many people revealed that they had to hinge on emergency loans for the unemployed in the UK when they lost their jobs as their savings had already been exhausted to cover the regular cost, and this resulted in a debt spiral.

They were worried about their financial situation as they had no clue how they were about to cope with debt. Well, there could be many factors causing insomnia. The question is what you do about it.

Ways for getting better sleep every night

Medication could be an alternative. You will certainly have to talk to your GP if you have been suffering from insomnia for a very long time. They will prescribe your some medicines and probably some techniques that may help you nod off.

You can get money now if you do not have enough money to pay for consultations and medicines. All you need to do is just put in the request online, and you will get money simultaneously. Apart from this, here are some techniques that can help you get better sleep.

1.  Stick to a sleep schedule

One of the significant reasons why people have trouble getting proper sleep is that they do not stick to a fixed schedule. Make sure you get to your bed at a fixed time period, so your brain knows it is the time to doze off. Your sleep-wake cycle will be fixed if you go to bed and wake up at the same time, which is quite better for improving your health.

If you do not fall asleep within 20 minutes, you should do something relaxing. Your body may be anxious, making it difficult for you to calm down and go to sleep. Read or listen to some music. It has been proven that reading evokes sleeping. Take a deep breath to relax your mind if you are anxious. Do it for a couple of minutes until you feel totally relaxed. You will automatically start feeling sleepy.

2.  Pay attention to your diet

Your diet plays a crucial role in helping you get better sleep. Try to avoid skipping meals at night. An empty stomach can cause acidity, and it may crawl up, especially if you have a GERD problem. However, at the same time, you need to take care of the quantity of food you are to take. If you go to your bed stuffed, it will also cause trouble in sleeping.

Again, you should avoid going to bed stuffed if you are a GERD patient. This rule implies to everyone, though. Make sure you do not consume alcohol, tobacco or coffee just before going to bed. Many people assume that alcohol makes you fall asleep, but the fact is that it just slows down your nervous system.

You may feel sleepy at the outset, but then it may cause discomfort. You will likely feel more acid in your stomach crawling up your oesophagus, irritating your throat. If you take alcohol, try to take it after a meal so you do not consume it too much and try to have dinner two hours before going to bed.

3.  Create a sleeping environment

It is another important factor that helps you make sleep. If your room is not dark, cool and quiet, you will have trouble getting sleep.

Try to keep your phone switched off on silent mode. Notifications can keep you distracted. Try to sleep in a dark room. If you keep the lights on, you will certainly have a problem sleeping. Make sure there is no noisy device in the room.

4.  Limit daytime naps

Try to avoid dozing off during the daytime, as this may interfere with your night-time sleep. The daytime nap will keep you awake at night for a bit longer. However, daytime naps are best for those who work at night.

5.  Manage stress

It is vital to learn stress management techniques. Worries are an indispensable part of life. Do not overthink. There are so many things you can do nothing about. Just stop thinking about them. Practise deep breathing to calm yourself down.

The final word

If you are struggling to nod off, you should take the steps mentioned above. Of course, these are just techniques that may help improve your sleeping patterns. However, if these techniques do not seem to be improving your sleeping patterns, you should consult a doctor who will identify the cause and then accordingly prescribe medicines. Along with medicines, you will have to take care of your diet and exercise as well.

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