We all feel the need for borrowing money at some point to finance any new purchase in our lives. This global pandemic was the tipping point of such a scenario when people wanted to borrow money as the UK witnessed furloughs, job losses, pay cuts etc.

Many businesses had to shut their operations due to lockdown measures being imposed in the country. Many start-ups and small companies who were already financially constrained, the situation exacerbated for them in this pandemic.  

Fortunately, there are several financing options in the form of direct lenders in the UK offering bad credit loans with no fees, no guarantor and no broker in the UK. These are unsecured loans for which you won’t have to pledge any asset as collateral and neither you would have to produce any collateral. The repayment terms and loan tenor can be negotiated by sitting with the direct lender.

Let’s look at some of the prominent direct lenders present in the UK:


It was started in 2012, and they are into providing flexible loans to small and mid-sized businesses. They are more of a FinTech lender as technology forms a vital part of their daily operations of lending. They are known to provide an instant decision on the loan application, and also they don’t charge any processing fee.


If the cashflows in your business are not consistent and you are in sudden need of financing, then Satago is an ideal destination for your business. Invoice financing is their biggest USP, and you can get a credit against the value of the invoice, which is due to be paid.

Lend Invest

If you are looking for a stable lender offering short term to medium term loans to buy real estate property. Started in 2008 as a mortgage lender for property buyers, it converted into property finance provider in 2013. Their portfolio consists of over £1.5 billion in 3000+ property deals across the length and breadth of the country.


Their target segment is more towards personal and small business loans providing instalment loans to bad credit borrowers. Their loan policies are pretty flexible with no charges for late-payments and fixed or flexible monthly payment. Their loan products are curated in a way to cater to the funding needs of small businesses, and the monthly repayment amount is in consonance with the cashflows of the business.


Fleximize is a direct lending company based in the UK who are into offering tailor-made finance solutions to start-up companies and mid-size businesses. These products are in the form of business loans which are tweaked to suit the different needs of the business fraternity.


Ebury is becoming a part of the transformation journey and growth of businesses by fulfilling their credit requirements. The small and medium companies are usually not entertained by commercial banks as a credit risk in lending is high. This is the funding gap that Ebury fills by lending to such companies having not the best credit profile. This lending institution is offering a platform for small businesses to compete for neck on neck with their competitors on a global scale.

Merchant Money

This direct lender is in the business of helping SMEs in the UK to meet their ever-increasing demand for credit. They offer flexible lending solutions to these SMEs for them to continue growing their business. This relationship is long-term and mutually beneficial for both parties. They also help their customers by providing them with growth opportunities in their current line of business.

Crowd Cube

It was started at the turn of this decade in early 2011 to help business owners in their entrepreneurial journey. Till date, they have raised millions of pounds from a pool of myriad investors and has channelled those funds to borrowers. They have an online portal for entrepreneurs to display their business plan and vision to connect with venture capital and private equity investors directly.

Boost Capital

These are a lending company to assist growing businesses in their journey of growth and the pursuit of excellence. They offer quick but flexible loan products to these companies which are from diverse industries be it a capital intensive industry or a business from the service sector.

Market Invoice

This company has an online platform for invoice discounting and financing and offer loans to businesses which are short-term in nature. The tenor of these funding solutions is somewhat between 30 to 120 days. They are not similar to a conventional invoice factoring company who asks for your debtor book and conduct accounting checks. They have streamlined their processes for the comfort of their corporate customers.

Start-up Loans

They have backing from the Government of the UK and are into the business of providing financial assistance to start-ups who are working in the social sector. They offer personal loans to the tune of £30,000 to set up their business, do its marketing, or for working capital requirements.

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