How is AI Changing Your Life?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the hot topic for debate whether or not it is changing our lives and, if so, how likely these changes are positive. Many people are unsure about what AI is, but the fact is that it is already a part of everyday life.

Have you ever noticed that when you watch something on streaming platforms, it starts suggesting some films and shows that it thinks you might like? Why does it happen? It is due to the so-called recommender system that uses machine learning to understand your tastes and preferences.

AI is not just on your TV but on your phone as well. Google voice typing can identify your speech to give input. Similarly, Google Assistant can follow instructions you give because of voice recognition. Machine learning is also present on social media.

Social media platforms use image recognition systems to automatically tag photos. You will find thousands of such examples that machine learning is ubiquitous if you look around yourself.

Seeing the innovation like deepfakes and KFC kiosks that use facial features to make the menu, it seems that soon we will be a part of the world where cars will be running on roads without drivers, robots will be doing work alongside. Restaurants will be full of food delivery kiosks to wait on you.

How AI is changing our lives

Here is how AI is changing your life:

  • AI will help with decision-making

AI is a powerful tool. These tools can undoubtedly help people do their jobs better and more effectively. The best part about AI is that it inspires humans to rely on it to identify the patterns in complex data that human beings cannot. Hence, it can help in decision making in a better way, but it will be totally senseless to assume that AI will replace the needs of human beings because machine learning does not have a real understanding of tasks it does.

This powerful technology can be abused in a sophisticated manner. It can recognise the pattern of your speech that helps it know who is speaking, faces in crowds, and the tiniest cancer cells before they start harming the body, and much more.

  • AI is changing the workplace

The workplace environment is no longer the same as they were before. AI has drastically changed the way we all used to work. It is assumed that AI is a bad thing to welcome in the workplace because it is taking bread from people’s mouths, but the fact is that repetitive tasks will continue to disappear.

AI is not going to throw people out of the workplace, but it will switch people from doing repetitive tasks to something important that machine learning itself cannot. The introduction of technology to the workplace means more skills people will need to perform tasks.

Now people will be doing something different and complicated that they had never done before. People will have to adapt to these changes if they want to survive the new workplace. Experts say that AI will replace people, including those with high paid jobs, but at the same time will hire people and provide them with new jobs, so it cannot be concluded that machine learning is taking bread from people’s mouths.

Apart from being able to perform repetitive jobs, there is something else that people admire about machine learning in the workplace. AI has made it easier to make data-driven insights so the organisation can make decisions faster than ever.

Now it has become much easier for organisations to share data with external parties. Businesses need to invest in AI because customer expectations keep changing. It is essential to get data-driven insights to understand the behaviour of users so you can provide them with what they are actually seeking.

By using AI, you can get an insight into real-time data and find out the way to meet the expectations of your users. The role of AI is not going to be restricted to the examples mentioned above. This is going to transform the workplace.

  • AI is improving shopping experience

Big retail stores like Amazon take the help of AI to improve your shopping experience. Big retail stores gather information about users’ buying habits using AI so they can provide them with a personalised shopping experience.

It is not surprising at all for such retail stores to invest in highly reputed AI-integrated software so you can get personalised shopping. Well, there are some other online stores using this technology, and some of them look for emergency cash immediately so they can increase their profits by meeting customers’ expectations.

With the help of these software solutions, you can identify the buying habits of your users and then recommend them something that they can like. Music recommendation is the best example to understand how it works.

Music services use AI to recommend you your favourite music. This happens after identifying your listening habits using AI. For instance, Spotify can make suggestions about new releases based on your listening habits, and Google Play also offers personalised music recommendations using machine learning technology.

Does accepting AI mean we will be a slave to machines?

There is no doubt that AI is making human beings dependent on machines, but it will still be too early to say that people are becoming slaves to machines. Although AI is helping with decision-making, we all should not forget that human beings have invented AI.

Whether it is a chip or processor used in the smartphone or a robot, they all are manmade. Of course, it is not going to be too early to see that machine learning taking over the role of human beings.

Even though people think that AI will strip the workplace of human beings, it does not seem to happen sooner. AI and human beings will work for hand in hand.

The bottom line

AI is pervasive, even though we do not realise its presence. In fact, people are using AI-integrated software to make their lives better, and for that, they do not mind funding them.

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