How to Make Your Internet Connection Gain a Speed-Boost

Probably it has been waiting for this for a really long time. Your Internet is the reason you are probably working and earning money. The same Internet keeps you healthy because it provides you with the entertainment you need for real. The connection and its speed mean a lot to you, but it is also true there are reasons it is going slow.

A slow Internet speed is a reality in most homes and offices. We often:

  • Blame the server or the service provider for a slow speed when browsing the Internet
  • Check emails or doing more data-intensive work such as downloading large files or uploading them
  • Make video-conferences etc.

We don’t want our Internet speeds to slow down, compromising the quality of our work. We don’t want to lose time. This is when making the real change comes into play.

In this post, we will carefully go through a few ways to look at the problem in a more profound sense. Slow Internet speed indeed creates not only an annoyance but serious problems at work. You may not lose your job for it. But you will have to compromise a great deal, which isn’t acceptable when both work and entertainment are involved.

Speed Your Internet Connection with These Easy Hacks

In most cases, you need to optimise your computer or phone and the connection settings. Sometimes, your device hardware can bring in the issue. At other times, the hardware and components from the router and other similar devices may act as the reason for the issue. With that being said, we do need to look at another point before discussing everything about this topic.

If it is an intensive hardware issue or a complication in the device itself, then making some investments can come into play. It doesn’t mean you have to make investments, though. All it means is that investments can make an impact on the kind of data speed you achieve. In many cases, conditional issues such as the location of your setup can also be the reason for a sluggish Internet. Fix it quickly with money from your savings or a doorstep loan for the unemployed if you don’t have enough financial backup right now.

As you know these facts, it is time we learn more about the hacks that can speed your Internet up remarkably coolly.

  • Maybe It is the Background Apps
  • Move Router Closer to Device
  • Router Firmware and Network Updates
  • Have You Cleared Browser Cache and History?
  • Use an Ethernet
  • Don’t Use the Router with Too Many Devices
  • To Conclude: Use a Wi-Fi Extender

We can now discuss these points in detail.

1. Maybe It is the Background Apps

Background apps not only make your laptop or phone go hotter because they are running in the background, but they also take part in consuming data, which may interfere with the bandwidth making it slower.

When more than one app works on a single data connection, it is natural for the data connection to go slow. Disabling your background apps can help reduce this problem. Go to settings and close background apps. You can constantly update them individually.

2. Move the Router Closer to the Device

It is true that your Wi-Fi signal can be interrupted for the following reasons:

Thick concrete walls can interrupt it. The same thing can happen to anything that is thick and can block the data connection. This will significantly reduce your data connection. You can take it as a serious problem occurring in the router or your device.

Without thinking about these things, you can simply place the router close to your device without impediments such as a wall or other similar things interrupting the signal.

3. Router Firmware and Network Updates

The firmware and its collaboration with the router may lose integrity when it is not updated. In order to do that, you can check for network settings in your computer and update the firmware by toggling settings. You can also update your router’s firmware and increase Internet speed.

4.  Have You Cleared Browser Cache and History?

Modern computers work in an advanced way. You loan too many websites, and part of the website data is stored in the memory of your computer so that the next time you load the website, you don’t lose time. But this slows down Internet speed.

Instead, clear the browser cache and browsing history to help your device function freely.

5. Use an Ethernet

Sometimes, there are better solutions than Wi-Fi for you. It is good if you realise it from early on. LAN (Local Area Network) providers in your locality provide Ethernet cables. They would take an amount of money to set up the equipment and will offer you the connection. You will be given an Ethernet cable to plug in your laptop or computer.

Ethernet gives you faster speeds than Wi-Fi. It can go up to Gbps and is considerably high in the Gbps count. Find a direct lender to get a loan in 10 minutes if you need an Ethernet setup now yet are suffering a poor balance in your savings. Use shorter cable lengths to get even better speeds.

6. Don’t Use the Router with Too Many Devices

There is no such need to make too many devices use a router. A router with too many pairings can make it a little problematic for all the devices to achieve high Internet speeds.

Instead, use it with one device at a time, and you will see a good increase in speed.

To Conclude: Use a Wi-Fi Extender

If you think that you can still manage a good connection with your Wi-Fi, but you want to free up Wi-Fi dead zones, then get a Wi-Fi extender. These repeater devices use your help to strengthen your router’s signal by extending the signal range. This effectively nullifies those dead zones.

Be careful in your Internet usage. Check the cables. Optimise your setup and make sure network software and other apps are updated. We can hope that you will get a blazing-fast Internet speed soon.

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