When it comes to borrowing money, you have a few options to turn to – direct lenders, banks, pawnshops, friends, and family. Although banks are considered the most reliable institution, they do not entertain applicants with bad credit history. Taking help from friends and family is not that easy, especially when you are borrowing on and off.

Direct lenders and pawnshops are the most accessible sources of raising money. You can take out all types of short-term loans with bad credit, including personal loans. Depending on individual interest, some prefer consulting pawnshops, and some prefer direct lenders. Choosing a wrong lender may have harmful effects on your finances. Therefore, it is recommended to research beforehand.

1- Pawnshops

A pawnshop is a private lender who follows the practice of lending money based on the amount of pledge. The size of collateral depends on the amount of money borrow. However, the worth of the security will always be higher than the amount you borrow so that the pawnbroker may release maximum funds by liquidating your asset if you commit a default.

For instance, you go to a pawnshop to pledge a gold watch in exchange for money. The amount you get will be between 60 to 80% of the worth of the gold watch.

What makes pawning so attractive to people when there is a considerable risk of losing your valuable asset?

A- If you take out a payday loan, you will likely lose your credit score. The lender may turn down your application if it is abysmal, but a pawnbroker will not make a hard credit check. You will get money based on the value of the asset you pledge.

B- They do not come with the revolving facility. It means you will have a fixed repayment period, and hence there is no never-ending cycle of debt.

C- If you fail to pay back the money, it will not ding your credit score.

D- There is no such thing as fixed installments. The amount you repay can be different for each payment. Emphasize is on paying back full money along with interest before the length of the loan ends.

What are the hidden threats with pawning?

Though pawnshop loans seem more attractive than payday loans, they are riskier and more expensive.

A- Pawnbrokers are notorious for giving a small amount of money in exchange for security. The average pawnshop loans are hardly more than £200. The amount can be just a fraction of the worth of the item you put as collateral.

B- Interest rates vary, but they are pretty higher. The longer the term, the more money you will have to payout.

C- There is a massive risk of losing collateral because you cannot rollover the loan.

D- Some pawnbrokers operate illegally.

Borrowing money from pawnbroker can be an ideal option when you are sure that you will pay off the money before the term expires. If you need significant funds, you will have to turn to direct lenders because the size of pawnshop loans is small.

2- Direct lenders

Direct lenders are online lenders who follow a legal practice of lending money based on your affordability. You will fill out the application form, and then the lender will peruse your credit report and income statement to see if you can afford the loan.

Why are direct lenders a better alternative?

A- Direct lenders provide short-term loans without asking you to put collateral irrespective of your bad credit rating.

B- You will likely get the right amount of money, even if you are out of work. You can get emergency loans for unemployed in the UK if you have any income source to pay off.

C- Self-employed people can also borrow money from direct lenders.

D- Interest rates are lower than those of pawnbrokers.

E- Direct lenders do not charge fees.

The cons of borrowing from direct lenders

A- Interest rates will be slightly higher in case of an impaired credit standing.

B- Some lenders lend money without looking over your repaying capacity. Beware of them.

Now you have to decide whom you should turn to when you need money. No matter who you contact, make sure that you do not borrow more than you need and only in an emergency.

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