Top 7 Trends in the FinTech Industry to Watch Out For

The financial industry is among the first in the different sectors to adopt the latest technology for the benefit of their customers and business. The financial nature of their business requires upgraded security to reduce the number of fraudulent transactions. They need security more than the other business to earn the trust of their clients.

Furthermore, loan applications used to take a significant time in the past because of the lengthy verification and approval process. Now, the borrowers don’t even have to visit the lender’s office to get the loan amount in their account. You can see the process is more secure and fast with the latest trends in the FinTech industry.

Latest Trends in FinTech Industry

The latest tech in the FinTech industry focuses on streamlining the overall operations to increase the comfort of the borrowers. The lenders are providing more features to their clients while trying to enhance the overall security. Here are the latest trends to watch out for in the FinTech industry if you are trying to get cash loans today through digital mediums.

1. Customer-Centric Applications

Customer experience should remain a priority of the businesses to retain them for a long duration. Furthermore, it ensures the potential customers find it easier to use your services than the competitors. And there is no doubt over the importance of user experience for the benefit of the business.

Therefore, there is a significant rise in customer-centric applications in the FinTech industry. Every major bank or financial institution is offering a Smartphone application for their huge customer base. For small lenders, online services through a website are the only feasible option.

2. Digital Collaboration

The pandemic was the reason for many businesses to run from a remote location to continue their operations. The forced change was successful as the operations were running smoothly in most of the cases. And the business was saving money on the infrastructure to invest in more critical processes.

You can expect the same to continue even after everything returns to normal. The financial industry may promote employees to work from home if their presence is not required in the office. Similarly, you can take out instalment loans from direct lenders at the comfort of your home through the online application process.

3. Big Data Management

The amount of data of the customers, leads, and organisation is enormous. It contains essential information to create strategies and maintain the existing operations. Therefore, the financial industry is investing in big data management to make the best use of available data.

Your tax documents, bank statements, and application forms with personal information contribute to this data. Now, lenders can create policies to serve their clients with this information better. Plenty of applications are already available to extract helpful information from a huge pile of data with accuracy and speed.

4. Partnerships

Businesses often come together to form partnerships to serve the purpose of their mutual benefits. The financial industry is not untouched by these partnerships in the past. The current environment involves different lenders and financial institutions joining hands with FinTech startups.

You can expect them to provide the benefit of the latest advancement in technology to their customers. The process integration will speed up the introduction of new products and services. Their involvement will not remain limited to the new products as the existing systems will get upgraded with new technology.

5. Automation

Numerous repetitive and monotonous tasks in the financial industry caused the delay in application approval. You can expect these tasks to increase the pace with the integration of automated tools. These tools eliminate the manual processing of each piece of information from the human workforce.

Therefore, the machines will take care of the submission and verification of the documents. They are more than capable of managing customer onboarding and application processing. Thus, it will make the process efficient for the lenders as well to save money in the long run.

6. Blockchain

Blockchain is already transforming the financial world with a safer alternative to traditional transactions. The information is almost impossible to alter as the data is stored in every block of the chain. Thus, the users can rely on its security during heavy transactions.

Its use in the FinTech industry was inevitable with the rise in its application across the globe. The lenders will make use of it in the future to create a safe environment with the decentralised transaction medium. The information is secure with end-to-end encryption to protect the data.

7. Online Documentation

The documentation process was among the biggest headache for the borrowers. It took more than one visit to the office of lenders to submit the required list of documents. Furthermore, the verification process took more than weeks to approve your profile for the loan application.

The current landscape of the FinTech industry allows customers to submit their documents online. The verification process takes less than a few minutes with the required details on the screen. The government and other authorities have ensured the financial institutions can access data online if they comply with the regulations.

Benefits from FinTech Trends

The FinTech trends have a direct impact on the lending process for any type of loan. Financial institutions can offer new services only if the latest technology allows them. Therefore, the customers should know the latest trends to get the best services for their financial requirements.

You don’t have to deal with the financial institutions still following the age-old practices to cause inconvenience during the whole process. You can get a loan at your doorstep within a few minutes of filing the application form. Similarly, businesses can have a line of credit available to manage the cash flow problems with serious consequences.


To sum up, the FinTech industry is experiencing customer-oriented growth with a focus on comfort and speed. You can expect them to increase the security without adding more layers to the application process. Thus, the industry will experience growth with a more reliable product and better customer experience.

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