5 Best Tools That Startups Shouldn’t Live Without

Ensuring everything in place is critical for startups. In the initial stage of a startup, copious task keeps the staff busy throughout the day. It leaves little room for growth and innovation.

Are you aware of the ways that could help you make the whole journey a lot easier?

 Are you aware of the fact that using smart business tools can save you nearly 4 hours extra every day?

If you have been stuck all this while googling the best possible ways to outsource your business.

Halt Here.

You can maximize the leads, conversations, and sales count without emptying your capital.

The blog here discusses the time-critical and engagement tools that a startup must-have. Check how many of these surefire tools to increase customer counts you have:

Do You Have These Profitable Tools in Your Operational Box?

There are different tools for business management, marketing, and inventory update. Yes, you share the flexibility to choose from a good range.

However, sometimes variety becomes a curse.  Not all tools serve the business purpose. Many startup business owners seek debt consolidation loans for bad credit availability with no guarantee. If you are one of those looking to make the best of your loan, then this list will help. Enjoy the quick read!

1)      Website builder tools

A business website is the face of your brand. It is the very first interaction that a user engages with.  It is the best opportunity to entice your visitors with a responsive website design and entice a buyer. It is the reason website builder can prove a game-changer for your business. Here are some popular tools you can use to design an optimized and responsive website.


It is a website designing and hosting company. It hosts multiple plugins to help create a pleasing website. You do not require coding experience to design a website here.

2)      Accounting tools

As mentioned early in the blog, a business needs tools that take out the hassle of engaging in redundant tasks. Certain accounting software help make budgeting and invoicing a little more manageable. Apart from granting you peace of mind, it helps keep the accounts updated.


It is an ideal tool for businesses to manage accounts and bank-related services. If you wish to automate the finances, it is the best way to do so. By integrating your business with an accounting system, you can manage your business finances effortlessly. SME inspires the design of the tool.

If you face any issues like acquiring a loan on bad credit or seeking solutions to pending debt payments, you can contact LoansForever. The personalized loaning and expert guidance, ensure a smart and comfortable borrowing.

3)      Project management tools

Does your business face problems in meeting and remembering deadlines?

Do you encounter trouble in project planning?

Making the right changes in the right direction with a tool helps you succeed from a competitive standpoint. And there is no better way to manage business projects than using a project management tool.

These tools can be accessed both on mobile and laptops. In this way, you can keep track of your progress regardless of your whereabouts.


It is a visual dashboard that helps create a shared desktop for all members. Furthermore, its cards and lists help businesses organize and prioritize work in a rewarding way.

Office 365

It is cloud software that helps manage critical business aspects with more than one application like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is a complete suite for cloud services and device management. It ensures advanced data security and a connected experience.

4)      Productivity tracking tools

Sometimes, tracking the progress of a project team or business becomes challenging. Calculating the contribution requires adhering to productivity parameters.  Defining those parameters all alone and calculating the productivity is tiresome.You can use the tools below to keep track without moving a finger.

Google Workspace

It is the best tool that helps businesses use working emails, attend video conferences, and share files smoothly. The cloud-file storage never stops even if the co-worker edits a note in it. It helps businesses manage documentation and important meetings through a centralized administration. Furthermore, you can even import files from Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office

If you are tired of handling tasks and reviewing them now and then, then Microsoft Office may prove helpful. Instead of laying constant instructions, you can work remotely with your employees. It has tools that are critical to any business for success.

You can excess some of the below applications:

a)      Excel: Create and edit spreadsheets. You can even share these among co-workers.

b)      Word: Create and edit your draft using easy-to-understand tools

c)       PowerPoint:  Design and craft engaging presentations using the best formats

d)      Outlook: You can use it to send work emails and schedule important events in the calendar.

e)      One Drive: It is a cloud storage type havinglimitless bandwidth

5)      Finance and resource planning tools

From business to bootstrapping there are a lot of tools that demand an urgent reaction from your side. Generally,businesses seek debt consolidation loans on bad credit to reduce liabilities and maximize the chances of getting one with no guarantor.

Applying for the loan is easier as you might believe. The search doesn’t end with exploring the best quotes. One must fetch a profitable loan that isn’t a burden at best interest rates and APRs.

There are multiple financial aspects that a business faces financial challenges like having the right support for dealing with –

  • angel investors,
  • exploring grants,
  • contacting crowdfunding resources,
  • invoicing and factoring
  • venture capitalists.

But most important of them all, business owners seek software for bootstrapping. In this, the founder uses personal assets to set upa business. Eventually, he re-invests the assets in the business and turns them into growth and revenue.


It is a full-featured business and financial software that help streamline and optimize the business process with a suite of tools that include:

  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Bank account Tracking
  • Payment processing
  • Expense management
  • Budgeting
  • Tax filling
  • Account payable accounting

These are some tools that help make the whole process a lot easier.  The most important aspect for any business is ensuring maximum capital and creative resource. Eventually, your search for the best startup business tools meets the end.

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