Tips for Saving Money on Buying a Phone

Buying a phone can immediately drain money. Even if you have an expensive mobile set, they do not last for a very long time. After a year or two, you need to replace them. However, the buying period can extend if you handle it dead carefully.

New features are introduced every year that tempt you to buy a new cellphone. Well, if you can afford it, you can upgrade it every year. However, you are to do it anyways after some time. If you are on a tight budget, you would be interested in saving money on buying your phone.

As money immediately goes out of your pocket, you may end up looking for loans with no guarantor for other expenses. Many of you think there is no other way to save money on buying a mobile phone, but you are mistaken.

Ways for saving money on buying a phone

Here are the ways to save money to get a good bargain at the time of buying a mobile phone.

1. Determine what specific features you need

The prices of mobile vary because of the features offered by them. The most significant features that affect your buying decision include but are not limited to RAM, storage, and camera pixels. Determine what features you exclusively need in your mobile phone.

If you are fond of taking selfies or capturing images, you would need a top-notch camera. However, if you are not fond of filling a gallery with images, you would not prefer it. Some people need higher RAM and storage if they are to use so many apps.

The prices may vary based on the features the phone has to offer. It is worthless paying more money for features you do not need.

2. Trade in your old phone

You can trade your old phone for a new one, which is a good way to save money. This sort of facility is not available to all retailers, and most of the time, the rebate in prices offered does not seem to be sufficient. You can sell your phone to a third party then.

You can quote a good price and negotiate with a buyer to get at least more money than a retail store is ready to offer. If you have decided to sell it to an online store, you should check at multiple stores, so you get the maximum value for your phone.

3. Shop for your mobile phone online

You can easily buy a smartphone online if you have done the homework. This is not apparel that you need to try on before placing an order. You will just place an order, and you will get it at your doorstep. Online shopping is worthier than brick-and-mortar stores, as you can get it at a lower price.

Amazon and eBay are some popular online stores you can use to save money on a mobile phone. The shopping is easier than the experience you have in a brick-and-mortar retail store. You can filter the results based on the features and prices you want to pay. You can quickly pick a mobile phone from narrowed search results.

Although online shopping seems to be better than buying from a brick-and-mortar store, you can get a defective piece at the delivery time. Make sure you have checked out the refund policy. If you do not want to get into it, buying from a brick-and-mortar store will be a more affordable option.

4. Pay in monthly instalments

Whether you can buy it from an online store or a brick-and-mortar store, you will have the facility of paying down the cost in a couple of equal instalments. This facility is provided to those who cannot afford to bear the cost in a lump sum. However, some people avail themselves of the facility to prevent immediate cash outflow.

This helps them manage their monthly expenses with ease. This is the best technique to avoid borrowing money to meet regular expenses just because of throwing money at a mobile phone. However, if you still need some money, you can type “I need money now in the search bar, and the search engine will display different results of online lenders.

You can apply for an emergency loan to meet your expenses. The idea of paying in monthly instalments works only when you do not have to pay interest. Most of the time, the monthly payment includes interest. However, if you buy using a 0% interest-free credit card, you can avoid paying interest. You will have to meet the eligibility criteria to avail yourself of this type of credit card.

5. Consider buying older models

You do not need to set your heart on expensive mobile phones. Look for other options as well. For instance, you can buy mid-range phones. However, they are not usually available in online retail stores. You can buy them directly by visiting the company’s website. Last-generation phones are also an option. You can buy them from all online retail stores.

They will be much more affordable than the latest versions. Of course, you cannot get the same specifications. For instance, the camera quality will be better in the latest versions. However, if this is what you are not looking for, you can manage with older models. Some websites offer the best deals.

Wrapping up

You may not have thought about saving money on buying a phone, but there are some ways to do so. First off, you need to know what features you want in your mobile phone. It is not necessary to buy a handset with all features, especially when you do not need all of them. This will just put a burden on your pocket.

Trade in your old phone at the best value. You can sell it to a third party as well. Shop a mobile online because it will let you avail of a discount on the market price of a mobile phone. Consider buying older models as you can get them at affordable prices.

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