6 Productive Activities to make the best of your Weekends


A study shows productivity declines sharply if the weekend exceeds 20 hours. And it declines to the extent that one does not feel like working. However, smart individuals adopt a broader perspective on this. They hustle through the week to improve or streamline the lifestyle ahead.

However, for most, it is easier said than done.

The blog lists some important ways- “how to use the weekend wisely” and limit Monday blues.

How to keep yourself creatively engaged on weekends?

There could be ample things on your charge, like exploring the best direct lender instalment loans for bad credit. If you are eying a big-ticket purchase or wish to fund the child‘s education, you would want to track your finances and the expected amount needed before applying for the loan.

It is one of the best ways to rationalize your child’s dream with a plan in place. Keeping a check on the interest, instalments to make every month or as per schedule, and money to save from income for discretionary expenses, etc., needs planning. Weekends are the best days to get your mind running on such crucial life and financial aspects.

Thus, here are other ways – how to use the weekend wisely:

1)      Make a to-do list

With the weekend vibes kicking in, ensure a baby-like sleep and wake up afresh the Saturday morning. Laying up all around could distract you from the goals.

Instead, take notes on the upcoming week’s engagements with a hot cup of coffee. It must include all the activities from groceries for the week to meeting important people (friends and family). It would help you keep track of the day and ensure a disciplined lifestyle.

2)      Minimize Household Chores

It is the commonest habit of individuals. One always leaves the chores for the weekend. However, if you could spare a little time throughout the weekend, you could relax.

For example- if you are due to wash and iron the clothes, do it on weekdays. Once you become used to catering chores in everyday life, you will feel the difference on weekends.

On weekends, you could plan a trip or attend an important seminar without worrying about stuff waiting for you at home. Though it may take you a while resuming to the new schedule, you would like it later. Moreover, engaging in more activities after work hours means exercising. It would help ensure a night of sound sleep.

3)      Get tickets to a cool concert or seminar

Is there a cool concert in your town? It would be a great idea to relish that. Weekends are a perfect gateway from the professional life sphere.

If you wish to do something creative or dispatch from the world of emails and important projects, enjoy a concert. It must be something that you have yet to try. Analyze how something could be so engaging to make the day beautiful.

 Please make it a deal to visit such interesting places on weekends. It is a great rejuvenation. It would be ideal for planning new sessions to attend. It will keep you motivated throughout the week.

In excitement, one often needs to remember the wallet at home. Do not panic; check if you can pay online. If not, check 10-min loans. You would not have to break the queue to pay post receiving the money. The lenders dispatch money with a quick loan approval of up to £2500. It saves you from regretting a ruined evening.

4)     Food preparation for the upcoming week

It is something that working individuals struggle the most with. Weekdays are the best days to ease up the deal. You get ample time to doze off and wake up in the morning. Post that, you could engage in the most important stuff- planning things.

 For example, – most couples struggle over the dinner recipe- with exhausted minds; one can hardly think of anything and usually end up ordering the food. Imagine this throughout the week. It would rob you of a good £3000.

It is when you skip outside food for a day or two. Thus, having a plan in place prevents you from additional expenses.

Thus, prepare a chart for the week and check for vegetables and other things required to cook. If you lack some, run off to the supermarket with a list of items needed. It also prevents buying things that you do not need. It is one of the best ways to utilize the weekend and simplify things for the upcoming week.

5)      Read a book

Books are the best companions and enlighteners if you are in for something new every time. Nothing is better than a warm morning and sliding into a hammock with a mind-opening book. Everyone shares different book preferences and genre love. Identify what’s new and best-selling in that genre. If you have nothing important on your hand momentarily, you can find your nook and turn over the first page.

Reading expands our thoughts, engages the brain, and fine-tunes one’s understanding of minor life concepts. Moreover, it helps you get answers to questions you have been struggling with. What could be better than psychological relaxation? Presumably, nothing.

If reading in print is not your thing, you can switch to e-books or audiobooks for a different and engaging experience.

6)      Pay off loans in your credit book

Independence from liabilities is something every other person needs in the world. However, if you would not work towards the goal, you cannot achieve it. Reviewing your credit report for the loans, you must pay on deadlines is ideal.

Draft a blueprint of the repayments and the total amount you must save from income and other expenses for loans. If you have some paid loans, write these off from the credit report. It is important and will help optimize the credit score.

Furthermore, it would help you fetch affordable interest rates on direct lender instalment loans for bad credit. Affordability is a prime concern for individuals with low credit. Take it as an opportunity and identify aspects you can improve on your credit report.

Parting notes

Though, having a financial wall makes it easy-peasy for you. But what if you struggle to maintain one? Now you know how to use the weekend wisely and take the track over money matters and other life aspects. Life is so much more than engaging in household tasks. Manage and live the best of your life on weekends.

Roscoe Tanner is the Editor-in-Chief, leading a large team of writers at LoansForever. He has expertise in writing for various borrowing options like personal loans, long-term and short-term loans, unemployed loans and many more. Roscoe joined LoansForever in 2015 but previously worked with many reputed loan companies. He performs the major role as the editor, covering key aspects of loans and finance. Roscoe Tanner wants to serve at large in the progress of the company and to present a modern alternative to the traditional financial industry in the UK. He is a Certified Financial Planner and has a god-gift of connecting with people through his valuable suggestions and writings. His expertise as a writer and editor in the finance industry is based on his education qualification. Roscoe has done a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance.

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