SEO Tips for Ranking on High Search Results

Every business dreams of drawing in as many customers as possible to their website to boost the current ranking in search results, but what makes you introduce to your target audience when they use a search term targeted by you is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

It is not a novel technique that you do not know about, nor do you need to wake up to the fact that you cannot maintain the desired position in search results with SEO, because you already know it. However, many of you still fail to make the most of it.

Some are under the impression that SEO is simply picking keywords from a keyword planner and integrating them into content and that is it. It is not as simple as it seems. It rather involves careful planning around identifying the needs of your customers, their pain points, information to solve their problems, accordingly choosing the relevant keyword, and above all optimising that content. It takes time to yield the output although some paid alternatives are out there as well.

SEO does not need to be rocket science, and it is not, but a wrong approach will keep pushing back your progress. Here are the SEO tips to help get a higher rank on search results.

1.  Add content to your site regularly 

Adding content to your website is the key to a higher ranking. Google bots notice this practice useful for your target audience and help you be found by your target audience when they make a query using the targeted keyword.

If you have not updated or added content to your site, Google will likely believe that your content has become obsolete and soon you will be dumped. Apart from landing pages, you should run a blog section to answer the general queries of users.

For instance, if you sell small loans, you can create blogs on how to create a budget, tips for setting aside money, how to get rid of debt, the ideal circumstances for taking out emergency loans for the unemployed in the UK, and so forth.

Google is already flooding with such topics but they are still relevant to your niche. Try to add some new pieces of information. You can relate it to queries that people ask at the time of applying for your loans.

Add the most relevant data to make your piece authentic and unique. Make a mention of it and then introduce a solution. Your users will find such blogs more engaging. Google bots pick those blogs that generally aim at providing a solution to the latest problems of users.

2. Target relevant keywords and place them strategically

No matter how good content you have created, it is worthless if it does not include any keyword. People can find your business when they make a query because you have targeted that search term.

A keyword planner will display a lot of keywords and not all of them will be suitable. You will have to decide which one is relevant to your business. For instance, if you are looking to target affordable bad credit loans, the following keywords will be shown:

  • Affordable bad credit loans and advances
  • Affordable bad credit loans approved
  • What are good loans for bad credit
  • Affordable bad credit loans asap
  • Affordable personal loans for bad credit
  • Affordable instalment loans for bad credit
  • Can I get a 500 loan with bad credit
  • Affordable car loans for bad credit
  • And the list goes on.

You may be tempted to target all the keywords in just one piece of content but remember that keyword stuffing is not recommended by Google. Instead, you should try to separately target each keyword.

If you are looking to target this keyword on a landing page, you will have to pick the most relevant one. For instance, “can I get a 500 loan with bad credit” may not be a suitable keyphrase for the page targeting “affordable bad credit loans” keyword.

The keyword “affordable car loans for bad credit” may or may not be suitable for your business. If you just provide small loans, you will likely avoid it, and if you also provide car loans, it will certainly be on your list, but some lenders may be a bit more creative while targeting this keyword despite being involved in lending money for emergency or small needs.

For instance, you may offer a helping hand to those borrowers who have faced a shortfall in down payment for a car loan. This is also a kind emergency specifically related to a car purchase.

3. Have a link-building strategy

Google will check your presence on the internet world to decide if you have gained some sort of reputation by your offerings to your users. You will need to secure backlinks to achieve this goal. Make sure you secure them from sites with good domain authority.

Do not just rely on backlinks to improve your ranking. Interlinking is equally important. Every page should have a CTA with a relevant link. In fact, you can interlink various terms in your content to an appropriate landing page. For instance, you can interlink the term “get money now with an application form. Likewise, you can interlink “instalment loans” with a personal loan landing page.

You need to have a solid link-building strategy to ensure you get relevant traffic to your website. The higher the traffic, the higher the ranking will be. However, before you get the traffic to your website, you need to ensure you abide by SEO guidelines.

The final word

Getting a higher rank on search results could be a bit challenging but it is not impossible. You need to be strategic with your content policy. Try to provide new content to your users regularly and update old content. It shows that you are up to date. In addition, you need to have a relevant keyword and link-building strategy.

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