Does Buying Traffic to Your Website Work and Get Conversions

Your marketing strategy can take months to get the desired traffic on the website. The number of visitors is a useful metrics to measure the brand popularity and the impact of your efforts. Many website owners buy traffic to increase their number of visitors and sales in a short time.

Buying traffic may seem like a shortcut to turn your brand into a success. However, the promise of thousands of impressions come with its drawbacks. The visitor count may increase, but there is no guarantee over any return from the investment.

Ways to Buy Traffic and Increase Conversation

Here, we will discuss the different aspects of buying traffic to your website to find out whether it helps to increase conversion or not.

1. More Website Hits

The purpose of buying traffic is to increase the number of visitors to the website. The service providers will use different spaces and methods to increase the hits on your page. Therefore, one metrics is sure to increase with this investment.

2. Scams

Buying traffic can invite some scam in your inbox with some offers too good to be true. These websites offer a sudden spike in your website traffic at a cheap price. However, you may lose every penny with not even a single visitor.

Moreover, many websites will not respond to your emails after a transaction. Traffic scam is one of the most prominent frauds in the eCommerce industry. Therefore, conduct a background check on the service provider before subscribing to any service.

3. Focus on Important Tasks

Small business owners have a packed schedule with critical tasks for the business. It is recommended to either delegate or procrastinates the less important tasks. With the help of these service providers, you can focus on the other critical operations of the business.

Also, it will save your time and resources by hiring a team of internet marketing professionals. The paid traffic may return more than these organic campaigns with the same investment in a shorter time.

4. Site Unavailability

A sudden increase in your traffic can overwhelm the bandwidth of your website. This may cause site unavailability for the audience. Thus, the efforts and investment are wasted because the site is not accepting traffic from the paid campaign.

You should invest in the site bandwidth and optimisation before buying traffic for the website. Even the loading time will impact the conversion rate from the campaign. You can click on the apply now button if you are looking for very bad credit loans from direct lenders to create the perfect website with a top-notch user experience.

5. Fast Increase in Traffic

As mentioned above, it can take months for the marketing strategies to gain a steady visitor count. Some seasonal business cannot wait for the organic methods to show results. Buying traffic will increase the number of visitors within a few hours of the transaction.

Therefore, you can call it a head start for your online store. The organic traffic will catch the paid campaign with consistent efforts. You can cut the investment on paid traffic once organic marketing strategies are returning more value.

6. Clickbait

You will find many clickbait links on other websites with a promise of increased traffic. These links will take you to some websites with attractive plans for paid traffic. However, there is no guarantee over the quality of traffic.

They may not use the same algorithm or any algorithm as the top service providers in the industry to find the targeted audience. The traffic will come from clickbait ads and links from unknown websites. Some may even put the link on shady websites to divert the traffic from their pages.

7. Increasing Exposure

The primary reason people pay for traffic is the increased brand exposure. These methods will use the advertisement model to spread the word about your brand. Moreover, these ads are displayed on some genuine websites by the service providers.

Apart from some service provider, there are other simple methods to increase exposure and traffic. You can use the social media advertisements at the budget of your choice to display your content to a targeted audience. For the investment, you can contact a direct lender like Loansforever to cover the cost of the ad campaign.

8. Increased Bounce Rate

The service provider may not offer transparency over the increase in traffic. The increase may come from people with no interest in your product. This will increase the bounce rate that will reflect poorly on your statistics and reports.

Therefore, you must ask the service provider for their methods to get the traffic. Check the online reviews about their services for an honest opinion on the quality of traffic. The websites with affiliate marketing model suffer the most if the bounce rate is high.

9. Relevant Audience

Many service providers will offer genuine traffic through ads on different platforms. They will ask for your business type and the demographics of the targeted audience. The information will then be used to display your ads on relevant sites.

Therefore, the incoming traffic will contain a relevant audience from genuine sources. The conversion rate will increase along with the sales. Moreover, the word about your brand will spread to the targeted audience because of the paid campaign.

10. Less Control

Paid traffic is the result of efforts from a third-party service provider using their methods. You don’t have any control over the methods used to increase the number of visitors. They may use some tricks that may not align with the brand’s original campaign.

The campaign may have some serious consequences with a long list of annoyed visitors. Instead of creating buzz, your emails will land in the spam folder. Thus, the strategy may cause more harm than good because of some personalised strategy without your help.


To sum up, paid traffic will help increase your brand presence online with the right service provider. You need to find the reviews about the quality of traffic they offer to the client. In the end, it depends on your targeted audience and the methods used by these service providers whether the increased traffic will worth the investment.

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