Low-Cost Ways to Grow Your Small Business in 2021

Upscaling is a tough decision for small businesses because of the involved investment and increased operational cost. Nevertheless, it is an essential step in their endeavour to capture the market. You can either continue to work with the cash constraint or learn from the others to find cost-effective ways to grow your business.

There are some ways to take the business to the next level with increased sales without breaking the bank. The risk associated is considerably small since the financial setback will remain somehow manageable. Therefore, it is time to create a growth chart if the time for upscaling has arrived.

Here is the list of nine cost-effective ways to grow your small business without breaking a bank.

1. Invest Time on Social Media

Social media is one of the cost-effective platforms to generate awareness about the brand. You don’t have to spend on the advertisement to gain more followers or impression. The customers will find your profile once you start interacting with the community.

Find the targeted audience and remain active with communication through groups or pages they follow. You can also spend small money on ads based on your targeted audience. Similar to you, many businesses are looking for long-term loans from direct lenders to invest in a digital marketing campaign.

2. Find Key Revenue Numbers

Many organisations have chosen to cut their expenses instead of investing more money for growth. This method helps with increasing the efficiency to grow the business instead of looking for capital. You need to find the critical revenue numbers to increase the sales while keeping the expenses in check.

The number of leads, conversation rate, and average revenue from customers is among the key revenue numbers. Focus on these numbers individually to increase your overall profit. There will be many strategies from the industry experts to help increase the numbers without investing significant money on it.

3. Ask Customers for Email Address

Email marketing is still a popular marketing strategy to increase sales from customers. You can send the present list of customers personalised emails with new product information or some special offers. They will appreciate your efforts and may return for more shopping.

Tools such as Mailchimp provide a simple and effective platform to manage your email marketing campaign. You can keep track of the success with different metrics associated with the campaign. Moreover, it is easy to schedule mail and integrate it with your database.

4. Attend Public Gathering

B2B companies use the seminars and gathering to network with the other businesses in the area. You can use these events as a platform to present your ideas or business to a larger crowd. The result will be increased sales without spending a substantial amount on ads.

You will also meet promotional partners in these events to tap into an already established customer base. These kinds of relationships work for a mutual benefit as both partners promote each other’s brands. You can also take a small business loan from Loansforever to participate in local events such as market, fair, and concerts.

5. Give Back to the Community

You can create a good reputation in the community with the help of some donation to a cause. This will create awareness about the brands, and more people will decide to associate themselves with your brand. You will bring some positive changes in the neighbourhood while increasing sales for the business.

You will target the audience that wants to contribute but don’t have enough time or resources to contribute. Moreover, you will lead the initiative if no competitor is using this strategy. You can also ask the customers to make a small contribution to sales towards the cause.

6. Ask for Referrals

You can ask the existing customers to refer to their friends if they are satisfied with the product or services. Give them some coupons or discount with every successful referral. You will still make money even after giving some discount on the products.

A cost-free method to get more referrals is to ask the customers for content to publish. They will share the content with their contacts only to promote your brand for free. Also, brand awareness will increase along with sales.

7. Narrow Down the Targeted Audience

You can also increase sales and grow the business by narrowing down the targeted audience. Create a detailed database of customers with their information and interests. You will find the customers that make the most sales to increase focus on them.

An ideal buyer for the business is essential to create strategies and launch new products. Based on your findings, you can give priority ratings to each customer. Focus on them to provide the best customer service to increase the list of loyal customers.

8. Level Up the Closing Game

Businesses must have a team of employees with excellent sales language and closing skills. Not every customer requires the same benefits to buy your product or services. Some emphasise the cost while others are willing to spend more for better customer support.

Therefore, it is critically important to provide a better offer regarding the customer requirement to close the deal. Allow the sales team to make changes to the final offer based on the customer profile. Ask them to focus on the priority for the customers instead of dwelling on the prices.

9. Map the Buyer’s Journey

Customers go through different stages before they decide to purchase with a new brand. The stages in a journey involve discovery, evaluation, and onboarding. You can map the whole journey to find the underperforming aspect.

If the customers are returning from the evaluation stage, it is time to level up the sales pitch. Many customers cannot find the brand on the digital platform because of the irrelevant campaign and content. Instead of increasing the efforts, you should first increase the efficiency of the current process to the level of saturation.


To sum up, business growth is not increasing the workforce or the area of operation. You can make more profit from the existing scale by increasing efficiency. Also, work on your networking method to create awareness about the brand and its values.

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